What is intravenous sedation?

Intravenous sedation involves giving you a small injection of a sedative drug through a plastic tube (cannula) which is placed into a vein in either your hand or your arm. The sedative drug will make you feel relaxed during your treatment.

Intravenous sedation is not the same as a general anaesthetic which puts you to sleep. However, many people do not remember anything about their treatment.

Once you are sedated and ready to start your treatment you will be given local anaesthetic injection which will be numb your tooth so you do not feel any discomfort during your treatment.

What are the benefits?

Intravenous sedation will help you relax and reduce any anxiety caused by dental treatment. Even people who do not feel anxious abut dental treatment may have sedation for procedures which can be uncomfortable such as extractions (removing a tooth) or certain lengthy procedures.

Other frequently Asked Questions:

Will I be suitable for sedation?

This is determined at your sedation assessment appointment. This is time which is used to determine whether conscious sedation is the right option for you as a patient, and you get to meet the team at the practice who will be performing your treatment.

A dental examination is performed, any X rays that are required, then a medical and sedation assessment performed. This will involve taking some measurements such as height, weight, blood pressure etc. as well as a detailed talk with Matt about your history as a patient and any problems you are having currently. We will endeavour to answer any questions you have and provide reading material to help you make a decision.

The full cost of this appointment is £50 for all of the above. It will last around 30 minutes.


How many sessions of sedation will I require ?

This depends on what treatment is needed and where in your mouth and why you are having sedation. We will advise accordingly at or shortly after the sedation assessment. We try to keep the amount of sedation sessions to a minimum as this is generally in a patient's best interest.

What are the cost of any further sedation sessions?

The sessions are £150 per session.

How long does sedation last?

The typical session length is 2 hours.

What other things must I be able to provide as a patient?

This will be covered at your assessment in detail however an essential factor is that you must be able to bring an adult escort with you to your sedation treatment who is responsible for taking you home by private car after your treatment and someone who can look after you for the 24 hours following your treatment. The person must be a responsible adult over 18 years old. You are also unable to do other things for 24 hours after treatment, these will be covered at your assessment.